Treating Diseases With New Technology

Have you ever been afraid to go to the doctor? Have you thought when going to the doctor that you were afraid they would detect something wrong with you? Have you been afraid that the doctor would come back with some bad news and tell you something like you have cancer? That’s exactly how people with AIDS feel. They fear the doctor as they believe their symptoms get worse and they have to take all these pills even though they don’t seem to work.

Imagine discovering you have AIDS. It’s like discovering you have cancer. It’s the worse feeling in the world. Thankfully in this day age and time there are all kinds of treatments that will help you live your life better just like there are thousands of treatments for cancer. It’s amazing how far our doctors and researchers have come from just ten years earlier. The medical field is always evolving which is a great thing.

I deal with patients who have AIDS every day. A lot of them come in at first afraid to hear the bad news and cry when they discover they have AIDS. However after a while when they realize two or even more years down the road they are happy to feel alive and even great. They realize they’ll be just fine with the horrible disease. They are able to do the things that they’ve wanted to do and still live normal lives.

I had one patient who told me she wanted to move closer to the care center but she couldn’t afford to with moving trucks being so expensive so I gave her a Uhaul coupon code and told her that Uhaul is a great moving truck company. She thankfully hugged me and moved closer to my hospital to get the best treatment available and live a healthy normal life with her family.

I developed a fluidic microchip to detect terrible viruses like AIDS. If a person that comes into my care believing they have AIDS we’ll be able to see if they really have AIDS or some other horrible sexually transmitted disease, or if they simply have none of the above. Since being able to detect whether somebody has aids or not is a lot easier when patients come into my care.

Most of the time, fortunately, people have health scares and turns out to be something minor like yeast infections or urinary tract infections. Both of which are easily able to treat and cure. Some patients however are discovered to carry the disease. I assure them though there is nothing to be afraid of as the survival rate for people with AIDS in the United States is now quite high. Once the patients with AIDS keeps coming for checkups and have received treatment, they realize everything is going to be okay.

I’ve always believed in treating people with AIDS and it is my mission to someday find a cure for this horrible disease. Until then I will gladly see any patient with AIDS and give them the best treatment options for them. Even people who are only diagnosed with HIV can still receive the best treatments. We educate them and help them through every moment of it.